Including: Tuition, Full-Board accommodation and airport transfer


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Doug Cooke

I really enjoyed the two weeks in Spain with Fernando and his family. The classes were interesting, covering all of the key areas in sufficient detail to make sure we understood the main points and then with the online course reinforcing the material and giving us the chance to get the vocab and structures more firmly embedded. Fernando really conveys which language points can enable students to do what sort of things and provides a lot of interesting digressions to give a real insight into Spanish language. There’s plenty of good banter to be had too!

The house itself has a great homely feel. It’s very spacious and is within a beautifully peaceful setting in the mountains. The environment in the house is really nice, with everyone being really helpful and chatty. The food was lovely and gave a nice introduction to authentic Spanish cuisine -Merche is definitely a great cook. I’d definitely recommend ‘The Spanish Course’ and look forward to hopefully bringing a class back to the house in a few years’ time!