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Britta Rudel

The Spanish Course is a great course if you are looking to improve your Spanish or learn it from scratch. The two weeks in Spain were absolutely brilliant and really helped me get confidence in speaking. The full immersion in Spanish family life not only means that you improve your listening and speaking skills but you also get a good insight into Spanish culture and everyday life. With the two adorable and lively girls around it’s easy to get over any initial shyness quickly and start conversations (or songs and games) with them. As the girls are learning English I thought it was really nice to be able to help each other. The lessons in the mornings cover all main areas of grammar and you make quick progress. Fernando is always happy to adapt lessons to your personal needs so if there is a particular area that you struggle with he will gladly go over it with you.

Fernando and Merche are both really welcoming and friendly. They encourage you to speak Spanish with them but are happy to help out in English if you struggle to understand. The course book is also very good as the grammar is clearly explained and the online tasks are mainly independent writing tasks to help build up your vocabulary. I would thoroughly recommend this course as it is very practical and really helps to improve your language skills.

Doug Cooke

I really enjoyed the two weeks in Spain with Fernando and his family. The classes were interesting, covering all of the key areas in sufficient detail to make sure we understood the main points and then with the online course reinforcing the material and giving us the chance to get the vocab and structures more firmly embedded. Fernando really conveys which language points can enable students to do what sort of things and provides a lot of interesting digressions to give a real insight into Spanish language. There’s plenty of good banter to be had too!

The house itself has a great homely feel. It’s very spacious and is within a beautifully peaceful setting in the mountains. The environment in the house is really nice, with everyone being really helpful and chatty. The food was lovely and gave a nice introduction to authentic Spanish cuisine -Merche is definitely a great cook. I’d definitely recommend ‘The Spanish Course’ and look forward to hopefully bringing a class back to the house in a few years’ time!

Liz Smith

The Spanish Course is a great course for anyone wanting to learn Spanish from scratch, or to brush up on some rusty skills. I really enjoyed the two weeks in Spain, it was a great opportunity to find out more about the country and the culture. Cantabria is a beautiful region, and it was perfect for practising Spanish: few people spoke English, but everyone was really welcoming and patient – in fact everyone was so friendly that a couple of times when I went out for a jog around the area, people struck up conversations with me for no apparent reason! The structure of the course worked well too – lessons in the morning, free time in the afternoon, then back in time for some great food cooked by Merche. There was plenty of time to explore the local areas, with Santander a short bus journey away (the Maritime Museum and the beaches are definitely worth a visit!), and Fernando was always very helpful with suggestions of where to go, often driving us to places which weren’t easy to get to by bus.

I now feel much more confident going into my teacher training course and I am looking forward to teaching Spanish – a testament to how enjoyable the lessons with Fernando were, and how much confidence they gave me. Fernando has taught Spanish in UK secondary schools too, so it was very useful to get tips from him on which language points children tend to find most difficult, and advice on how to go about teaching certain things. The online course is really useful for cementing what we studied in Spain, and having regular contact with Fernando is very useful for making sure everything stays up to scratch. Overall, I would thoroughly recommend The Spanish Course, and i might try and go back to carry on learning!

Sofia Slavova

¡Nos divertimos mucho! Gracias Fernando y Merche por permitirnos quedar en su casa hermosa y mejorar nuestro español

Becky Holderness

¡Lo pase genial! El ambiente era muy acogedor y Merche y Fernando me ayudaron mucho con mis Español… 😊

Larry North

Your Spanish can’t help but improve in the friendly, encouraging atmosphere. Lots of new experiences await and it’s an ideal base for exploration of the Surrounding cities such as Santander and Burgos. Fernando stretches your Spanish every morning and at every opportunity while Merche and the children are a delight to be around. Lovely food and relaxation too in homely surroundings.

Catherine Franks

It was so nice to win a weekend course at the London Language Show! I really Fernando’s classes and it was great to have the chance to ask Fernando about the Spanish tenses and phrases that I had been uncertain about. It was lovely staying with Fernando, Merche and their twins! I definitely recommend The Spanish Course!

Charlotte Owen

Fernando y Merche son muy amables y sus niñas (Victoria y Raquel) me hacen reír mucho! Disfruté las clases y me gustaría volver! Creo que mí español ha mejorado mucho! Gracias Fernando y Merche! No nos olvidais!

June Barrie

Absolutely fantastic, made learning fun, and such a lovely friendly family

Sarah Cooper

Have just had a fantastic weekend spanish course with Fernando, would strongly recommend the course. es muy bueno!