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Learn Spanish in Santander
Learn spanish in santander

Learn Spanish in Santander


Santander is an ideal place to learn Spanish in Spain because of many reasons: from the beauty of its beaches and mountains and the mild summers to the easy Spanish accent that many people recognise as one of the easiest accents in Spain. Nonetheless, it was in this area were the Spanish language was born during the 9th Century.

How can I learn Spanish

The Spanish Course recommends you to spend some time a day to learn Spanish. Not much though. From 10 minutes to half an hour a day is more than enough. You just need to learn some few words and expressions a day but you need to do it daily. You can learn while you’re waiting for the bus, traveling by train or having a coffee with your tablet or smartphone.

You should set weekly and monthly goals like “I’m going to learn a unit per week” or “I’m going to watch a Spanish film every month”. Additionally, you should organise the time when you are going to learn Spanish like “I’m going to learn Spanish while I’m on the bus”.

Once you have set those goals up, you will need to do everything you can to fulfill them. If you can’t do it, you should reduce your goals to make them achievable in order to encourage you to keep up with the Spanish course.

Don’t forget that you should reward yourself every time you get a goal. Have that loved ice-cream, go out, etc. once you get your weekly or monthly goals.

Why don’t you try to think in Spanish instead? Yes, that’s right! Before doing something or in many other circumstances you will have to think about a lot of things. Why don’t you try to do it in Spanish? It’s going to be difficult at the beginning but you will end up thinking in Spanish with some practice.

Technology provides now students with great opportunities to immerse themselves in the Spanish language and culture from their living room sofa. They can watch Spanish films or series. Nowadays, the quality of Spanish TV series is excellent and you can enjoy series like La Casa de Papel or El Ministerio del Tiempo. Most of these series can be watched on the Internet for free but if you prefer, they can be watched on satellite television or on video-on-demand platforms like Netflix. Don’t forget that one of the best ways to listen to Spanish and understand what the characters are saying is by using Spanish subtitles. You will be able to read at the same time than listen to what they are saying. You can also read the synopsis before watching the series or the film to have a general understanding of them.

Listening to Spanish music, radio, audio-books or podcasts are some other options available for you. Reading Spanish newspapers like Libertad Digital or books and ebooks from Amazon is another option you have.

However, every person is different and there are many different ways of learning. Therefore, you need to find the learning method that suits you best. You can find free apps or take an online course. However, to learn Spanish in Spain would be the best option for most of students.

Spanish courses in Spain

Having Spanish courses in Spain is the most effective method and easiest way to learn Spanish. Some experts say that you can learn in two weeks in Spain what you normally do in a year at home. The reason is that on top of having more daily teaching hours than at home, once you left the language school you will be able to practice your Spanish by immersing yourself with a Spanish course in Spain. You will have the opportunity to learn a lot just by doing your daily routine: speaking to your host family, going to the local cinemas, shops, museums and pubs, having a meal at a restaurant, participating in sport or cultural activities, having a chat in the streets, etc.

Learn Spanish Santander

Santander is famous internationally because of the Santander bank and because is part of the Camino de Santiago  among other things like Racing de Santander football team, its beaches, universities, museums, excellent food and being one of the safest cities in Europe.

The city has a royal palace, el Palacio de La Magdalena, that was the summer residence of king Alfonso III and Queen Victoria Eugenia de Battenberg who was the granddaughter of Queen Victoria. Now the palace is an International University located at the best place of Santander.

Santander is also fantastic if you like museums. The newest and most important at the moment is the Centro Botín. It is dedicated to art and to cultural activities and its building is excellent to enjoy Santander’s bay and the city. You also have the possibility of visiting the Museo Marítimo del Cantábrico showing the incredible life in the sea including an espectacular aquarium with local especies.

As Cantabria is one of the most famous regions in the world for prehistoric caves, another excellent museum in Santander is the Museo de Prehistoria y Arqueología de Cantabria (MUPAC) where you can learn how the cavemen lived.

Another paramount visit in Santander is going to one of the 12 beaches you can find in Santander. In the city there are more than 5 Km. of beaches, which are famous because of their good quality. Two of those beaches have odd names: Bikinis because it was the first beach in the region where women were wearing bikinis they were international students attending courses in the International University; and El Camello because there is a rock with the shape of a camel.

Spanish courses Santander

Everyone who has visited Santander knows that food in the city is excellent. From tapas to fish, from vegetables to meat. You will always enjoy quality and good local food in the city.

You should try products like rabas (a brilliant battered squid) or puding de cabracho (a fish paté) but a huge variety of tapas can be found in the different places to eat.

Another possibility is to visit el Mercado de la Esperanza, the fish market from the beginning of the 20th century. It’s just a great experience for foreign students wishing to learn Spanish in Santander.

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