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Learn Spanish in Santander
Learn spanish in Spain

Learn Spanish in Spain


Nowadays, you can learn Spanish in Spain or take one of the many online courses you can find on the Internet. However, being successful with an online course requires a great effort unless you have teachers supporting and encouraging you.

You know how it is when you go to a new place and especially if it’s abroad and a little off the beaten track. There’s a mixture of excitement and apprehension when you study Spanish in Spain. What will the accommodation be like? What kind of a welcome will I get? Will the food suit me? If you’re doing a course of languages, for example, you wonder if you’ll be able to keep up or even understand what’s being asked of you. All this is natural, but you can rest easy if you decide to go to Cantabria and take a Spanish immersion course.

At The Spanish Course, you are warmly welcomed at Santander airport by your host Fernando who takes you to the village of Aés about 15 miles away where you are greeted again by Fernando’s wife Merche and their two fantastic twin daughters: Raquel and Victoria.

There, you stay in a traditional village farmhouse which has been adapted to provide rooms with modern conveniences. You enjoy Spanish cooking at the same table as your hosts and at the end of the day you find that the tranquillity of the area is perfect for getting a good night’s sleep.

Spanish Immersion Course

One of the best ways to learn Spanish is to travel abroad and have learn Spanish in Spain. The best option is immersing yourself in the country and staying with a family who speaks the target language. Ideally, you should stay at your tutor’s family home. This is the case with The Spanish Course. Being yourself in contact with Spanish at all times it’s possibly the best way of learning Spanish.

During your Spanish course in Spain you will have Spanish classes in the mornings for three hours. These Spanish immersion courses are provided by Fernando and Merche, fully qualified and widely experienced native speakers who will arrange the lessons to suit your level of ability.

Although the courses are intensive, the intention is that the whole experience should be relaxed and enjoyable. To top it all, when you go home you can carry on where you left off by going online or even keep getting individual attention by purchasing videoconference lessons.

Part of the fun of taking this type of Spanish classes in Spain is getting to know at first hand something of the culture and history of the area and your hosts are very knowledgeable in both these areas. They help you to get a feel for what it has been like to live in Cantabria over the centuries and, if the time is right, they let you know about the fiestas that are taking place during your stay.

Spanish Courses in Spain

Your Spanish courses in Spain are not just about learning in a classroom. You will also have plenty of activities to do around. As you are totally unfamiliar with the area your hosts can provide you with all the information you might need, to get to know local places of interest either on foot or using transport.

Virtually on the doorstep above Puente Viesgo are the prehistoric caves which are a World Heritage Site and in the town itself there is a renowned Spa Hotel where you can pamper yourself with different types of water treatments.

The whole area is beautiful and further afield there are routes with fantastic views and towns and villages well worth the visit such as historic Santillana del Mar and Comillas with its famous building by Gaudi. For those interested in walking, Fernando and Merche have researched local routes suitable for different levels of ability and can act as your guides if you wish. In fact, they also cater for ramblers who want to take longer walks and have only a few lessons in Spanish.

The thing that your hosts like to stress above all is that this is your homestay holiday. They want you to feel as though you can do the kind of things you might do throughout the day at home such as making yourself a cup of tea in the kitchen. There isn’t a kettle in your bedroom as this is not a B and B but you will be welcome to do the little things that make you feel at home. In fact that is a good note to end on. If this place had a motto it would be “Mi casa es tu casa” -my home is your home.

Study Spanish in Spain

For all these reasons studying Spanish in Spain is probably the best option for you. If you want to learn Spanish in Spain you should better live at your tutor’s family home, sharing their lifestyle, having meals with them, playing with the family girls and enjoying all the many options you’ll have to practice your Spanish skills with them.

Additionally, having the opportunity to take numerous walks from your tutor’s home doorstep will make your staying more relaxed and better to learn Spanish in Spain because you will have the opportunity to engage in conversation with many local people who are not able to speak Spanish and that will encourage you to keep up with your Spanish level at every single step you give around the house. If those walks around take place in one of the most beautiful areas in Spain, surrounded by striking views, green mountains and lovely sandy beaches, the experience will be a guaranteed success.

On top of that you can take great excursions to places like Santander, probably the nicest city in Spain; Santillana del Mar, the medieval capital of the region that preserves most of the original buildings; Los Picos de Europa, the attractive and famous mountains in the North of Spain; Cabárceno Wildlife Park, where you will find wild animals roaming free and a long list of etceteras, defining Cantabria as one of the best regions to visit in Spain.

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