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School year in Spain

To truly master a language and to become fluent you need to spend a substantial amount of time in the country. With our program, you will attend a local School during the academic year. You will take the appropriate Spanish course and, if you prefer, the International Baccalaureate. In any case, European Governments will recognise your academic results in Spain.

You will be hosted at our home in Puente Viesgo. You will feel right at home in no time, living in a relaxed family atmosphere and being another family member. Therefore, we will be able to focus on your personal needs and help you with the language.

In our program, apart from the subjects you will study at the Spanish school, you will have Spanish language support at the beginning and during your academic year provided by us. That’s why you will have a one week Spanish course before your school year begins in order to boost your Spanish before the beginning of the course.

Your parents and you will be able to meet us online before arriving to Spain via Skype, Facetime or Webex. We will prepare your trip together and you will be able to ask any concerns you can have.

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    School year in a Spanish school

    Our Spanish schools are very warm and they are very excited to welcome British pupils into their school. Although you will find studying in Spain a challenge you will learn the language very quickly and by the end of the academic year abroad you will have an advanced knowledge and understanding of the Spanish language and culture. Many Spanish schools are bilingual so there may be some lessons in English.

    Students will be placed at a local Spanish school. You will be immerse in a typical Spanish school with native students and teachers. However, we will be giving you support at all times so that you don’t feel isolated. On top of that, we will regularly speak with your tutors and Head teacher to facilitate your integration in the school. After the first weeks of the course, everything will be more comfortable for you and you will start making new friends and you will end up enjoying the rest of the academic year with your new mates.

    What the course includes

    • Online Pre-departure Orientation and Preparation videoconferences
    • Santander Airport transfer
    • One week revision Spanish course (before starting your school)
    • Full-board accommodation at our home, being another member of our family
    • A bedroom with en-suite bathroom
    • Access to all the home facilities
    • Free wifi Internet access
    • Daily transport to school
    • School placement during the academic year like any other Spanish student


    Program dates: September – June

    Spanish and homework support

    We will keep supporting you with your Spanish along the academic year. We will also help you with your homework so that you can keep up with other students at your class.

    Qualifications recognition

    We know you will get good marks during your academic year in Spain!!! Once you finish your course the Spanish Ministry of Education will issue a document with your marks that you will be able to validate in any other European country.


    • You must be motivated and flexible to immerse yourself in another culture
    • Have a genuine interest in becoming one member of our family
    • Be between 14 and 18 years of age
    • Have a valid passport and visa if required
    • One of the main goals of studying with us is to become fluent in Spanish while you live with us. We are fluent in English and we will support you at any time. Additionally, your school will also offer you language support. So, you don’t need to be fluent in Spanish. However, if you had previously studied Spanish, you will take more advantage of this program.
    • Be in great mental and physical health. Living with our family will facilitate you to be away from home in a new environment and culture with unfamiliar circumstances and without your normal support structure. The first few weeks can be stressful in this environment. In order to ensure the safety of other participants and our family, we cannot accept students who have struggled with any kind of mental illness.