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Spanish online courses

Learn Spanish online with the support of a Spanish Tutor who will guide you throughout your course.

You will be able to study at your own pace but you will never feel isolated.

Our Spanish Online Courses are purrrrfect.

Spanish Teacher Support

There will always be a Spanish tutor helping and supporting you throughout the course. You will also get a textbook to guide you.

You will get a prompt from your textbook to post a message in the forum discussion boards, then your Spanish teacher will point your mistakes out so that you can correct them by yourself. If you’re not able to correct the exercise by yourself, the Spanish tutor will explain you how it works in Spanish.

Spanish Online Course

Our online courses are an exceptionally accessible and flexible. You can connect and log in whenever it’s convenient for you.

The Spanish Online course focuses on writing, listening and reading. You will find some interactive self-correcting exercises but most of the course will be based on your Spanish tutor correcting your forum postings.

Videoconference Lessons

You will be able to practice what you’ve learnt online and interact with your personal Spanish tutor in our online video-conference lessons. They are the best complement for our online courses

Your Spanish tutor will focus on improving your speaking skills with a friendly and relaxed approach.

We offer quality one-to-one online tutoring lessons with teacher-student interaction and support from your personal tutor.

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